About Us

About Us

My360 – the official web companion to the 360 print publication, is an electronic magazine dedicated to celebrating life in and around East London.

My360 – the official web companion to the 360 print publication – is an electronic magazine dedicated to celebrating life in and around East London. Like our print magazine, our focus is on showcasing the quality lifestyle East London and surrounding areas offer, and featuring the achievements and accomplishment of East Londoners, in all areas of life.

A product of Intengu Communication and Intengu Publishing, this is an interactive and collaborative effort made possible through our partnership with many key stakeholders in our region who share the common goal of showcasing the best of this beautiful part of our country.

To contribute information or share story and feature ideas, email tanya@intengu.co.za or visit our
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Intengu Communications is a multi-platform media agency whose core operational philosophy centres on conceptualising and implementing holistic and integrated communications solutions.

Wholly Eastern Cape-based, the company draws on multiple layers of expertise and experience across numerous sectors which – while unquestionably of a national and international standard – are nevertheless steeped in the distinctive socio-economic landscape of the province.

This distinctive regional specificity, honed by ten years’ extensive experience working with both the public and private sectors throughout the province, privileges Intengu with a unique ability to not only deliver the most effective, most efficient communication services our clients demand, but also to anticipate challenges and to drive effective solutions to these challenges.

Having worked expansively with both established and emerging brands, we are able to tailor-make company-specific communication and marketing strategies which are fully cognisant of individual requirements as well as unique brand applications.

Thus – drawing on the vast skill, experience and intellectual capacity of a core implementation team of communicators, public relations specialists, graphic artists and sector managers – Intengu Communications offers as our umbrella value proposition the ability to establish holistic partnerships that drive innovative, results-specific  communication solutions.

Visit the official Intengu website at: www.intengu.co.za