A Craze for Old Charms

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A Craze for Old Charms

A huge revival for the love and use of old things worldwide!
by Celia Theart

For some of us there is nothing more exciting than to find a vintage or antique item, a hidden treasure that reminds us of our lives as children and grandchildren. Most houses have remnants of treasured items of a time gone by and are passed on from one generation to the other. There are many collectors boasting huge collections of jewellery, furniture, porcelain and paintings who are still looking at extending their collection. Sometimes they buy and sell to make a living.

What is more exciting nowadays, however is that there is a huge revival for the love and use of old things worldwide.

We have a new generation who are acutely aware of the importance of creative and innovative upscaling. For many of them it has become a hobby to hunt for that special something that will fit into a specific place in the house or garden. They then upscale it into something different or restore it to its former glory.  They get ideas on Pinterest and other sites and find it interesting to try and make something new out of nothing. For the young ones, Rust is the New Gold, and for some this is the ultimate in green living!

The vintage buyer is often looking for building materials such as doors which enable them to give their buildings that old time look. The same applies to furniture. The quality of materials used in the past and its affordability enables up scaling or refurbishing into a well made piece. There is also a craze for vintage clothing because of its unique timelessness and the opportunity of restyling.

This in turn leads to more shops opening all over towns and cities all selling these special items.  Vintage markets and pop-up shops attract vendors from far and wide. Auctions also abound with a wide variety of articles on sale for different tastes. Another trend is antique shows and vintage markets. Traders and buyers travel far and wide to attend.

For many it is much easier to get involved in virtual selling and buying. It is much easier to look for an item online than it is to visit many shops or outlets before you find what you are looking for.  Online shopping also offers traders a much wider audience and buyers huge ranges of items they might never have seen.

Often a popular item gets sold as soon as it is uploaded on to a website or Facebook page. Some of these sites and pages offer a “buy now” function or allows for bidding. Shipping is normally for the account of the buyer.

There is definitely a trend for the older style, in fact there is an explosion in this retail sector of the previously viewed “white elephant”, as well as for the collector looking for something special.

So get on to the band wagon and have fun. Upscaling is here to stay. 

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