Easy DIY Project

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Easy DIY Project

How to make a DOGGIE buffet station!

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You will need 2-4 hours for this project




            Drill with 10mm drill bit





            Measuring tape

            Paint brush


Materials :

300mm x 2,4 m laminated pine shelf,

            cut into the following lengths:

            - Two 280mm x 300m

            - Three 450mm x 300mm

            22 x 22mm pine batons cut into four 100mm lengths

            3 x 40mm cut screws

            Addis clearly neat plastic storage box (415 x 170 x 290mm)

            Two metal food bowls

            Dulux PearlGlo water-based enamel

            Harlequin Exterior Varnish to seal the pine


Tip: You can use any size storage container, just adjust the measurements of the timber to fit.


Step 1

Attach the two long panels to the two short panels to create a box. The long panels are a bit taller than the short panels; this is to allow for the lid to fit snuggly.


Step 2

Calculate were the two bowls will go on the remaining 450mm plank and use the compass to draw circles to cut out holes for the bowls. Remember to make the holes smaller than the circumference of the bowl lid.


Step 3

Using the 10mm wood bit, drill pilot holes on the inside of the two circles you’ve drawn in step two.


Step 4

Secure the wood to your workbench with G-clamps and cut out the circles with the jigsaw.


Step 5

Measure the width of the timber on the short sides of the lid, and attach the four 100mm batons on the inside of this measurement on the four corners.


Step 6

Paint the lid with two coats of PearlGlo enamel and seal the bare wood with two coats of clear Harlequin Exterior Vanish.  Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats.

Source: www.builders.co.za/tool-love-your-home#12 / Builders Facebook Fan Page

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