Franchise with a local twist

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Franchise with a local twist

Recently opened at the Beacon Bay Crossing, Prawn & Grill Co by Jimmy’s is the first of its kind concept restaurant in the country. The 360 team visited the new restaurant was impressed not only with the flavours but also the design.
By Henrike Riemann and Jolene Shirley

The concept of Prawn & Grill Co by Jimmy’s is simple but the result is outstanding: modern, rustic and industrial in style, the Mediterranean cuisine full of flavour, delighting taste buds and adding to the atmosphere.

Managed and run by Alun Bendle and Anthony and Caitlin Parker, the restaurant is the very first concept-store in South Africa with more to be rolled out nationwide. The restaurant runs on a novel principle, where each patron marks their chosen dishes on the menu along with their name and the name of their server.

The trio pioneer with speciality dishes including prawns, sushi and pulled beef. All dishes are family friendly as their philosophy is to use the cutlery you were born with – your hands. “High quality ingredients is our priority,” says Bendle. “We make sure that all our ingredients are fresh and sourced locally”.

The Nespresso coffee bar is another first for East London – a true highlight for caffeine lovers. Connoisseurs of wine will be spoiled with Brampton wines, one of South Africa’s eponymous lifestyle wine brands. 

Restaurant Review:

We started our meal at Prawn & Grill Co by Jimmy’s with a frozen cocktail. We ordered one of each on offer that night – a frozen sangria and a frozen mangorita. The cocktail, an adult slushy, is served in a mini bucket – cute and insanely tasty.

Our sushi starter was very good. The shrimp tempura sauce on the Jimmy’s Deluxe fashion sandwiches had us talking about it all night.

The steak was ordered well done and was prepared perfectly. The sticky sweet prawns served skewered were flavourful and yummy; best eaten with the cutlery you were born with! The calamari and squid, from the tapas menu, was ordered fried and while it was tender and tasty, next time, I’ll order it grilled. The sides of Rockefeller chips – potato chips served with bacon, mayo and cheese – and the sweet potato fries were delicious. It was a welcome change to see these offerings on a menu.

We rounded off our meal with the upside-down berry mousse cheesecake. This deconstructed cheesecake was light and flavourful thanks to the mascarpone cheese.

Overall, we found the food at Prawn & Grill Co by Jimmy’s to be simple, fresh and flavourful. This, combined with the rustic and relaxed atmosphere, makes Prawn & Grill a welcome addition to East London’s restaurant scene. 

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