Making a great Discovery

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Making a great Discovery

Land Rover goes 'Above & Beyond' to discover sterling SUV.
Peter Martin

Land Rover’s slogan “Above & Beyond” which is pretty fitting for their new Discovery Sport which I had the pleasure to take for a test run recently.

This is one tough, compact 2.2 L four cylinder SUV, extremely stylish, fast and  impressive, good for long runs and it handles beautifully in heavy traffic. 

I had the diesel model and I must say what I immediately noticed was how quiet the motor was whether idling or at top speed.

The interior of the vehicle is simply superb. The seats are comfortable and adjust to any size of driver – short or tall, it makes no difference. I also liked the elevated view of the road. The 18-inch tyres give the Discovery plenty of clearance off the road surface.

There’s a strong vertical centre console with everything at the driver’s fingertips complete with reverse graphics for safe reversing. Other safety features include warnings of “blind spot” drivers in the door mirror, a cause of many accidents which can easily be avoided with the Discovery.

I liked the speedometer and rev counter situated through the steering wheel, while being able to easily read the speed one is travelling is a boon to avoid breaking the speed limit.

The sun roof folds right back at the flick of a button and all passengers benefit from it, not just the front two. The toughened glass has a dark tint to ensure a degree of solar protection.

Seating can be arranged to suit, with five up being the norm, but as many as seven can sit comfortably. This is enabled by using two smaller seats behind the second row of seats. The storage capacity is also most flexible. For instance with just two up (driver and front passenger) and the other five seats down flat, a total of 1 698 litres of space is available for loading. Even with five in the car, the loadspace is an impressive 981 litres.

Drivers will be happy with the strength of the Discovery and being a four-wheel drive, its wonderful road-holding ability. The All Terrain Progress Control enables the driver to set and maintain a steady speed no matter what the surface of the road is like.

For a vehicle of its size, the economy is pretty good, with an average of 6.1 to 6.3 l/100km in town and country being attained.

There are 12 exterior colours to choose from and drivers can also choose a number of options for the interior. However, there are so many extra features that I recommend that you speak to the Land Rover dealer for more information.

All in all, the Discovery Sport can be highly recommended. It is a magnificent vehicle and will be popular with both young and old. 



Engine capacity: 2179cc

Cylinders:  Four inline

Maximum speed: 188km/hour

Acceleration 0-100km/hour: 8.9 seconds

Fuel tank capacity:  65 litres

Fuel Economy: Average city/country: 6.1l-6.3l/100km

A good degree or professional certification can help secure an interview for your dream job, but once you’re sitting in front of the recruiter or potential employer, you’ll need to show what you can offer in addition to your qualifications. Today’s top employers are looking for more than the right training and education. They are seeking employees who are well-rounded, adaptable, committed and a good fit for their organisational culture. Here are a few attributes that recruiters and potential employers look for.


1   Mind-seT: Employers are looking for attitude as much as they’re looking for aptitude when they hire. They’d rather develop someone with the right outlook who needs some training than hire someone with great skills and low motivation. Honesty, accountability, flexibility, curiosity and commitment are all as important to employers as your qualifications. If you can show that you’re motivated, upbeat, and eager to learn, that will give you an edge in the job market.


2   Interpersonal skills: Today’s workplace is diverse and collaborative, which means that most organisations are looking for people with high levels of emotional intelligence. Someone with good interpersonal skills is more likely to thrive than a superstar who lacks the tact and professionalism needed to play well with others. As good as your degree and experience might be, a recruiter or potential employer will also want to know that you can collaborate and lead.


3    Life experience: Employers often like to see that their employees have interests outside work and that they can bring diverse life experiences to their job. A modern office is a multi-disciplinary environment. The leadership skills you learned as a school rugby captain, the strategic thinking you developed playing competitive chess, the ability you developed to write clearly from your love of reading, your exposure to different cultures during a gap year of travelling – these can all be as valuable to an employer as your formal qualifications.


4    Work experience: Young jobseekers often feel caught in a catch-22 situation – they can’t get experience because no one will give them a job and they can’t get a job because they have no experience. Against this backdrop, it’s important to seek out experience to add to your CV. You can volunteer at a charity (many non-profit organisations need help in disciplines such as IT, finance or marketing), take vacation jobs, or start up a small business to sharpen your skills and get practical experience.

5    Cultural fit:The question of how you’ll fit in will generally be top-of-mind for someone interviewing you for a job. Cultural fit is about how likely you will be able to adapt to the core values and collective behaviours that make up an organisation. Having the right fit with a company means you’ll be happier at work and that you’ll be more likely to perform to the organisation’s expectations.  There are many factors that shape a corporate culture – corporate policies, geographic location, industry, size, the personalities of the founders and managers, values, and more - and the trick is to find a place to work that suits your personality and working style. 

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