Delightful breakfast under the trees

Local vibe

Delightful breakfast under the trees

Beach Break Café, the perfect place for a bite after an early morning stroll or a fun-filled day on the Nahoon beach.
by Peter Martin

I doubt if there is a more pleasant venue for a breakfast in Buffalo City than under the shady trees at Beach Break Café, situated in the parking area at the entrance to Nahoon Beach.

There is always a special ambience there.

And so, accompanied by Buffalo City 360’s creative director, Donné Gierke, I had a most delightful breakfast there recently.

I usually enjoy a traditional egg and bacon breakfast and was pleased to see that the Beach Break Café has a good selection of egg breakfast dishes.

There are a number of omelette dishes to choose from and some health breakfasts which include muesli and a banana and a smoked salmon (another one of my favourites) dish.

I ordered a cappuccino – a bit of caffeine gets me going nicely early in the morning -

and eventually decided on the Walkers’ breakfast which consists of scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, cheese and herbs with brown bread toast.

Donné, meanwhile decided on an orange juice and an open chicken mayo seed loaf sandwich topped with gherkins and including lettuce and feta cheese.

A glance at the menu shows a wide variety of foods which will appeal to all members of the family, and this is what the Beach Break Café essentially is, a venue for the whole family to enjoy wholesome meals in lovely surroundings.

There are various salads available, wraps and burgers while one can add chips to any meal at a little bit extra. For mid-mornings, there are cakes, pancakes and muffins (bran or cheese and herbs) to enjoy with a tea or coffee.

They also have specials such as chicken curry with pampadams or a chicken pie with chips and veggies. One just needs to ask the waitress for a list.

We had some excellent service from our waitress, Rose Hewukile, and we both agreed the food was both tasty and well presented. At R125 for the two of us, we felt this was real value for money. 

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Local vibe

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Local vibe

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Local vibe

Beach Break Café, the perfect place for a bite after...