Great surf tourney at Chintsa East

Local vibe

Great surf tourney at Chintsa East

An amazing local tournament encouraging surfers to have fun and ride those waves!
By Peter Martin

One of the surfers enjoying the waves!

The beach area at Chintsa East was a veritable sea of activity Saturday and Sunday when the annual  Barefoot Café-sponsored surfing tournament was held.

The Café is very popular among surfers and holiday-makers.

It is not a big tournament with only 32 participants. However, it is a tournament that is a platform for greater things in the sport.

This is because the contest sometimes pits very experienced surfers with up-and-coming youngsters and this gives the younger ones an opportunity to show their mettle among the more experienced and older surfers. 

So at times there may be a real novice competing against a seasoned international surfer.  This year SA representative Wayne Monk took part.

Sponsor Debby Roberts of the Barefoot Café added that what was also a magnificent feature of the tourney was that it encouraged fathers and sons, fathers and daughters and so on to enter.

She said at this time surfers are unselfish in giving up their old surfboards to help those who cannot afford them, which all helps to build up an extremely positive vibe as well as respect among the contestants. The prizes are not thousands in hard cash as are most tournaments.

Trophies made from a local wire artist are handed to the winners. The goal is to go home with one of the artist’s prized works.

“Everyone wins a prize of some sort,” Roberts said. “Those that don’t win in the contest can win prizes in our lucky draws,” she added.

The Unstressed Surf School  at Chintsa  run by Mike Dennison  entered four surfers this year. These are under-privileged surfers who have been guided during the past few months so that they are prepared for the big occasion.  The school has been a success story of note.

In recent years it has produced a number of exciting surfers, most of whom had never been on a board before, and who have advanced to become coast guards and thus extremely valuable members of the community.

Debby is positive that as the years pass, the competition will continue to grow  in popularity which is sure to add to the allure of this go-ahead village.   

'I will give you my shoes' recipients with club representatives from front left Ms Monica Lahle (Mdantsane Athletics Clubs), Mr Mbuyiselo Dabi (Real Gijimas) and Mr Templeton Yoba (Overtakers Sports Club)

Local vibe

‘I will give you my shoes’

Local vibe

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