Ruler of the Airwaves

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Ruler of the Airwaves

Celebrating catching the waves with Wild Coast FM
by Peter Martin

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Launched in November 2012, Wildcoast FM 98.6 radio station has built up a fine record over the past four years and is the media partner of the Buffalo City 360 magazine.

For close to a year now, each Wednesday morning the station broadcasts a 15-minute slot just after the 8am news to accommodate a guest or guests of the magazine who will highlight their involvement with Buffalo City 360. The guest interviewed by early morning announcer Peter Gladwin is either one of the article writers, an advertiser with an interesting tale to tell, or somebody whose story has been featured in a recent Buffalo City 360 magazine. To date, close to 50 guests have related their stories over the air.

The Wildcoast FM manager, Wayne Naylor, who has been with the station since its inception, was upbeat about the media partnership with Buffalo City 360, as well as the way forward for the station.

“The partnership, we feel, has been beneficial for both of us,” he said in a recent interview. No big celebrations were done this year, but Naylor expressed his wish to thank all the announcers, both those on their staff and the freelance announcers who handle various programmes throughout the week.

Situated in the unspoilt village of Crossways and beaming out along the coast from Kei River and beyond the Buffalo City environs, Naylor is justifiably proud that the station attracts a large number of new listeners each day. The station does a number of Outside Broadcasts to add variety to its programmes. These include sports events, school events and the like.

“We are a community station involved with a number of charitable organisations, but ideally we need more businesses in the Buffalo City region to get involved and support Wildcoast FM,” Naylor said.

He added that the future looks rosy and the station will continue to provide top-class interesting programmes along with popular music to suit all tastes.

Catch Peter Gladwin on air interviewing our 360 peeps every Wednesday morning at 8.15 am


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