Chintsa East tuk-tuk… a hop-on, hop-off flexibility

Road trippin'

Chintsa East tuk-tuk… a hop-on, hop-off flexibility

Not the latest Jaguar but a comical three-wheeler known, universally, as the tuk-tuk has been introduced to Chintsa East.
Tracy Mashinge-Jeche

Savvy entrepreneur Sean van der Berg saw a gap in the East London market and decided to purchase the unusual three-wheeler to offer a reasonably priced and convenient mode of transport in the village.

Well-known in the urban parts of Asia, some parts of Middle East and in Africa, this robust little automobile makes whirring about Chintsa a smooth, easy breeze. It might huff and puff here and there while climbing the steepest hills but it eventually reaches its destination.

 “I do struggle sometimes to get up the long hill into town,” said the tuk-tuk driver, Siyanda Matoyo.

Even on the hottest days this tiny automobile offers a refreshing, cool ride as it is windowless while on rainy days the drop-down side curtains keep the passengers nicely protected.  Passengers can always expect a friendly smile and even a wave from walkers and drivers as they scurry along.  

The Chintsa East tuk-tuk runs every weekday from about 6:30am till late and can accommodate four to six passengers. 

Tuk-tuks are also known as rickshaws in Indonesia and India and there is no doubt that their presence will increase on East London’s roads. They’re an appealing investment opportunity for entrepreneurs because of affordability and their ability to manoeuvre on narrow lanes, along with low fuel costs.

 “We only started recently but we are certain the tuk-tuk will be particularly busy during the coming summer season,” said Van der Berg. “If it is, l will think about buying another one later on.”

Van der Berg added that the afternoon and evening driver is available to pick up passengers who frequent the various restaurants and eateries in the area and who would prefer to get home safely if they had perhaps too much to drink.

“Our driver waits and picks up passengers until quite late in the evening. “

With pedestrians always looking for that elusive lift, even if it is a short way “down the road”, it seems that the tuk-tuk is the perfect answer, particularly in the village of Chintsa East. 

Road trippin'

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